About US

"We are dedicated to promoting your sexual and intimate health and well-being. Our goal is to enhance your overall experience and satisfaction."

EGO is at the forefront of revolutionizing male "sexual health," leveraging unparalleled

patented technology alongside innovative concepts and enhanced understanding of sexual

wellness to redefine perceptions of intimacy and elevate the pivotal moments of partner interaction.

Turning ideas into reality, we offer an innovative patented technology that trains you to extend

ejaculation time, double your enjoyment of sex and increase your partner's satisfaction.

In addition, we're dedicated to addressing men's sexual health needs comprehensively through

trainers, exclusive accessories, and healthcare products, ushering in a new era of sexual wellness paradise.

To ensure men have access to a diverse array of options catering to their sexual concerns and

knowledge, we're committed to ongoing research and development, expanding our product

range to provide comprehensive solutions. Our ultimate aim is for men and their partners

worldwide to embark on an enriching journey of sexual fulfillment.

Brand Story

【EGO】 was established with a central mission of advancing "male sexual well-being," offering men a rich sensory journey to enhance their sexual experiences from Taiwan.

The brand name, derived from "Eagle," symbolizes our commitment to men's sexual health, merging imagery and concepts seamlessly. EGO embodies a dedication to male sexual health

and care, aiming to elevate sexual communication through product integration.

In a landscape dominated by European and American brands in the realm of male "sexual health," EGO's professional team has diligently worked to

pioneer in Taiwan, culminating in the launch of our inaugural male sexual health DPN trainer in 2022. This showcases the novel concept of

"male maintenance science" globally, while advocating for gender equality and sexual fulfillment in Taiwan.

Each training session encourages men to bolster their confidence, passion, and endurance in sexual encounters. Moreover, prioritizing safety and

quality, EGO ensures that our products inspire consumer trust. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to innovation, striving to provide men with ever-improving sexual experiences.

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