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DPN G9 aids users to desensitizing male genital sensory feedback of sexual intercourse. Please follow the instructions to use and slowly move to the recommended areas to find the correct position. You might feel a slight tingling sensation on the glans penis, similar to finger tapping, but not painful.

DPN G9 is designed for user to self-training on their penis to attain longer sexual duration ; it does not have a special feeling when used in the hand. The intensity of use of the product will gradually reach the set value, and will slowly reach Level 1 after being turned on, so the feeling will not be too obvious at the beginning to prevent the user from being frightened. It is recommended to start with Level 1 intensity initially. If you want to experience a stronger feeling, you can adjust to Level 2 or Level 3 according to your own needs. (Please refer to the instruction manual for details)

Find ways to give back:

  • a.The foreskin should be pushed back to avoid ineffectiveness. It is recommended to look behind the coronal sulcus. If you can't find it on the left or right, you can try directly near the frenulum.
  • b.After many attempts, it may have been affected and started to become dull. If you are looking for sensory feedback, it is recommended to take a day off.
  • c.For the sake of users, it is designed to gradually increase the intensity. It takes about ten seconds to reach the target intensity. At that time, you will have a relatively strong feeling. If you still feel nothing, you can try adjusting to level 2 or level 3 mode.

Some people's physiques are less likely to induce sensory feedback. Since DPN is very superficial and will definitely be massaged, it is recommended that you continue to use it.

Yes, this product can be used as a daily product at a fixed time. It is recommended that a single use time be 30-45 seconds, and do not use it more than 2 times in a row.

After the trainer is turned on, the default mode is Level 1 and the time is 120 seconds. After pressing again; the device will enter Level 2 or Level 3 mode and the time is extended to 180 seconds.

The recommended usage time is 30-45 seconds. Considering that users may forget to turn off the machine and require ample operating time, the trainer is set to a longer operating time.

  • ● Dampen a soft cloth and gently wipe the DPN G9
  • ● Do not turn hard and wipe metal ends excessively
  • ● Do not open the battery cover during the cleaning process
  • ● After cleaning, please store the product in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

**Properly maintaining your product can effectively extend its service life!

Please use it in the recommended areas. Do not use it in areas that are not recommended.

The DPN G9 is instantly noticeable when used correctly. However, because the experience of use varies from person to person, it is recommended to use it before daily training. After you have some experience with the use of the product, you can make your own judgment.

This product provides duration training for users’ sexual experience and does not have other training functions (such as erection).

This product is a pre-training device for males and is not recommended for use with a partner.

Not recommended, the company has not verified compatibility with other products.


This product has passed IEC safety regulations, please use it with confidence.

Not recommended for use, please consult a physician for evaluation.

The product is designed to be water-repellent and needs to be used with a silicone cover to meet the water-repellent requirements.

Yes, please use it with the official web authorize hydrogel for optimal use; the hydrogel is not edible.

When the battery is low, the LED light will go out by itself and the machine will shut down by itself; the battery needs to be replaced with a new one before use.


When the product operates for 3 minutes, a CR2032 battery can be used approximately 30 times

If the DPN G9 is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed and properly stored or recycled.

  • Under normal use, 5mL of hydrogel can be used about 25 times. Please also purchase hydrogel verified and manufactured by the original factory to ensure the best use effect.
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