About Us

We are a pioneering brand focused on revolutionizing men's sexual health. By utilizing state-of-the-art high-frequency microcurrent technology, innovative ideas and incorporating sexual health expertise, we provide a wide array of products and services. Our goal is to enrich intimate experiences between partners, initiating a positive cycle of sexual happiness for men.

Brand Story

Since its inception in 2022, EGO has been committed to enhancing the sexual happiness of men, offering a variety of sensory experiences and meticulously creating quality products. By prioritizing user experiences, EGO has further concentrated on the revolutionary area of men's sexual health, aiming to bring about even more thoughtful products. EGO seeks to introduce the concept of men's care to a global audience.

Core Values of EGO


Boosting self-confidence and transcending oneself.


Fostering men's sexual health and enhancing the quality of life.


Embracing innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.


Putting integrity first and prioritizing service.


Being environmentally friendly and promoting recycling and re-using.


Maintaining passion for life and unlocking infinite potential.