Core Values of EGO


Boosting self-confidence and transcending oneself.


Fostering men's sexual health and enhancing the quality of life.


Embracing innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.


Putting integrity first and prioritizing service.


Being environmentally friendly and promoting recycling and re-using.


Maintaining passion for life and unlocking infinite potential.

Innovative trainer for prolonged experience

The DPN G9 trainer employs patented high-frequency microcurrent technology, introducing a new way of intimate care and delivering a diverse sensory experience for men. A high-quality silicone feel and ergonomic design for easy holding during training.

Concentric circles design and three intensity modes for intensifying sensory stimulation.

Compact and easy to carry, convenient storage, safe and discreet for use.

With daily training, it enriches intimate interactions between partners, initiating a positive cycle of sexual happiness. EGO makes your life easy go!

Product Features

Patented Design

Innovative patented technology/design

Three-mode Adjustment

One-button switch with three modes

Lightweight and Portable

Compact and easy to carry

Daily Care

For regular care and enhancing performance at night

No Medication Needed

No medication, no physical burden

Safety Certification

Multiple safety inspection reports