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The products listed on this website are only representative products of EGO. All EGO products have applied for product patents. The designs and colors of the products listed on this website may be modified as necessary.

The products listed on this website are not available at all sales points, please consult your local dealer for details.

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The European Union’s E-Commerce Document No. 2000/31/CE states:

“"When a consumer purchases a product online, he or she presupposes this sales contract and unconditionally accepts the product price, product description, and all sales terms."”

All products on this website are provided by Coforcemedical Co., Ltd. The Company is registered in Taiwan with a unified serial number of : 90169400,The headquarter office is located at No. 97, Section 1, Xintai 5th Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 9th Floor-10.

After your online order is generated, we will send you a confirmation email to inform you that the order is successful. If the product you purchased is temporarily out of stock, the price is displayed incorrectly, or the product description is incorrect, EGO will not be able to confirm and ship the product in a timely manner. Only when both parties confirm that the information is correct can we confirm the success of the order.

In addition to online sales channels, EGO products are also sold at designated dealers around the world. The online product selling price is the global average price. Due to the following reasons, there may be slight errors in retail prices in various places: 1) online or dealer promotions; 2) individual dealers have different selling strategies; 3) currency exchange rates fluctuate. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the global selling prices will be exactly the same.

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